iPad, YouPad, WePad!

What's the" cool" factor in iPad, the new tablet PC from Apple, which has just hit the market a few days ago? Would it be just the fact  that it belongs to Apple and that Apple has gathered together a huge community of ardent fans who use, appreciate and endorse their products? Maybe, but maybe the gadget is a cool acquisition in itself. The sleek design, the elegant lines, the portability and the power are only a few of the things that recommend it as the choice of a few generations of computer users.

It's true that portability comes with a price and in this case it's represented not only by money, but also by the lack of certain functionality features, so depending on what you want from a tablet computer, you may or may not find iPad suitable for your needs.

Do you think the fact that the iPad doesn't support multitasking is so daunting that it will stop you from buying an iPad for yourself? Or perhaps you're bothered by the virtual keyboard which can be so difficult to use that you need additional iPad accessories to turn it into a more comfortable device, especially when you want to enter a bigger volume of data?
It's enough to say that these lacks, together with its name, generated a series of funny videos about the iPad, which I'm currently trying to gather so you can find them all in the same place, which is here. I'll be adding them little by little, as I discover them, so bear with me, bookmark this site and come back often.

How Much Does iPad Cost?

iPad accessories: keyboard
Money is an issue for a lot of people. If money is an issue for you too, then you'll think twice before buying anything that's not a real must. And the new iPad is probably one of those indulgences one could skip if on a shoestring budget.

That's not necessarily about the price of the device itself, as that one is quite reasonable. However, thinking that you may want to add a stylish protection case, a good screen protector shield, a keyboard or a docking station, all these could make you take more money out of your pocket. This is in a way common sense: when you have spent $600 - $800 on a device, wouldn't you like to know it protected from accidental scratches? Well, that doesn't come for free, so be prepared.  There will be a lot of accessories you may want, I know that.